Babymoov Teknacolor Delta Kite Cosydream

Babymoov Teknacolor Delta Kite Cosydream

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Natural position for baby: back support, cushioned edges and raised legs provide a reassuring "cocoon-like" Holding effect that mimics the mother's womb

Prevent FLAT-HEAD SYNDROME: built-in head support distributes the pressure on skull evenly, keeping the baby's head nice and round

Additional benefits: an adjustable leg support roll made of micro-granules raises baby's legs to help with digestion, breathing and colic

Customizable size: adjust the leg roll to the size of your little one for a perfect fit from birth up to 3 months (not intended for use after baby is able to roll over on their own)

Approved by healthcare professionals: to provide the highest quality and safety for your baby, the cosydream has been designed with doctors and certified by independent laboratories. It is not intended for unsupervised sleeping.

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