Floral Elixir Co. Rose

Floral Elixir Co. Rose

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Drink Your Flowers! 

This special ROSE Elixir comes from the famous Damask ROSE from Bulgaria, where only a few weeks per summer the roses are hand-picked when their scent and flavor are the strongest. This lends this ROSE Elixir the unparalleled aroma and flavor of fresh roses that make it a luxurious addition to drinks.

Tasting Notes - Fresh roses, floral honey, citrus

Serving Suggestions - Add a splash of ROSE Elixir to your favorite spirits for a floral twist on cocktails. For celebrations, make gorgeous champagne cocktails for unforgettable toasts. And of course, try the ROSE Elixir in still or sparkling waters, teas and lemonades for refreshing sodas and mocktails everyone can enjoy.

Pairs naturally with lighter spirits and especially darker spirits including whiskey, rum and tequila, dry white wines and champagnes, lemonades and unflavored teas.

Each 8.5 oz. bottle has 17 servings along with illustrated recipes

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, filtered water, all-natural rose water, Damask ROSE extract, citric acid, plant-based color.

Floral Elixir Co. is women-owned and in the USA

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