Bogg Bag Large & Baby Set

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BOGG BAG SETS are the perfect gift!! Treat yourself or someone you care about. <3

THE ORIGINAL BOGG BAG can handle it all! This large tote measures 19 x 15 x 9.5 inches and includes TWO clear accessory bags (one large and one small) to keep smaller items within reach and right where you want them.

A smaller version of our best-selling bag, the BABY BOGG BAG measures 15 x 13 x .25 inches. The BABY BOGG includes ONE small clear accessory insert bag.

The LARGE INSERT BAG measures 9.5 x 11.25 x .25 inches and holds things like your favorite book, sunscreen, phone, keys, etc.

The SMALL INSERT BAG measures 5 x 7 x .25 inches and can accommodate approximately 1.5 inches for things like lipstick, coins, face mask, etc.

BOGG BAGS are made of durable EVA material with sturdy sides and flat treaded bottoms to keep your items where you want them, and not on the floor. You already know - these bags are amazing!

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