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Match your creation to the pattern pictures once, and you’ll resolve to re-solve Ivan’s hinge again & again!

It's an irresistible-fidgety toy and fast-forming fun all packed into one!

While playing through the collection of tricky and baffling brainteasers, you’ll understand several things:

1. When colors & patterns align the way you envision them – it's a beautiful thing.
2. When they don’t – bending, folding, turning & looping Ivan’s Hinge is still addictive.
3. Ivan Moscovich, the celebrated puzzle creator, is indeed a genius.

Unhinge an adventure of tactile, brain-boosting excitement with the amazing, brilliant, and GENIUS Ivan's Hinge.

Ivan’s Hinge

  Fold, loop, bend, twist, and turn to find a solution!

  Patterned challenge cards invite curiosity, logic, determination

  Brainteaser & mind-builder - refines visual spatial skills

  Created by famed puzzle creator Ivan Moscovich

  Ideal for brain stimulation and relaxation

  Appeals to a wide range of ages

  Includes 1 Ivan’s Hinge Puzzle

  56 Challenge Cards included

  Exceptionally high-quality construction and materials

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