mimijumi Get Going Breastfeeding Bottle Kit, Set of 4

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mimijumi believes that moms should choose how and when to feed their babies. Whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding or some combination, mimijumi supports better feeding for all babies because mimijumi allows moms to BREASTFEED AND BOTTLE FEED INTERCHANGEABLY. We believe that moms know what is right for their baby and their circumstances. mimijumi was created to be SECOND ONLY TO MOM and our bottle was designed to give moms the freedom to integrate a bottle into their feeding routine with no risk of nipple confusion, bottle rejection or bottle preference. Our baby bottle is designed with the WIDEST MOUTH on the market and with FEWER PIECES, so it is EASY TO CLEAN and easy to prepare. Our bottles can be assembled with one hand and cleaned without a bottle brush. mimijumi is ideal for transitioning back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and our innovative design STIMULATES ORAL AND DENTAL DEVELOPMENT just like breastfeeding. Like breastfeeding, our bottle ensures that baby actively suckles and the BABY CONTROLS THE FLOW OF MILK so mom never has to worry about matching the flow rate of the nipple to her natural flow while breastfeeding. The nipple has a natural dome shape that is one piece with an INTEGRATED VENTING SYSTEM THAT REDUCES COLIC. The bottle is MADE IN AUSTRIA with MEDICAL AND FOOD GRADE SILICONE AND NYLON and is textured to FEEL LIKE SKIN. mimijumi is ideal for breastfed babies or parents looking for the most natural bottle feeding experience. A unique one piece non leaking nipple with integral anti colic venting REQUIRES BABY TO LATCH, is easy to clean, easy to assemble, and DISHWASHER SAFE. Made with safe materials by EU standards, meaning ABSOLUTELY NO BPA, BPS, phthalates, latex, lead and any EA (estrogenic activity) chemicals.

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