Molly's Suds 100% All Natural Laundry Powder 120 Loads, 4.16 Lbs

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Perfect for everyday laundry, Molly's Suds laundry powder is free of parabens & harsh chemicals.The non-toxic powder is safe for people and the planet. They use no phosphates, no sulfates, and no petrochemicals. Ever. Molly's Suds Laundry Powder has just five earth derived ingredients and is safe and gentle for sensitive skin. Effective in hot or cold water, and safe for septic systems and HE machines. Ingredients: a proprietary blend of sodium carbonate (sourced from the Green River Basin in WY), sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate (heptahydrate), unrefined sea salt, organic peppermint (menthe piperita) oil.

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