Monkey Mat, Your Portable Floor, Gray Groove

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The Monkey Mat is a clean surface you can take EVERYwhere! Portable, compact & stylish in the attached pouch - just zip, clip 'n go! Whether for life in full swing or just monkeying around, the Monkey Mat is the perfect solution to protect from any questionably clean floor, in or outdoors! Big enough for the whole family (5'x5'), super lightweight (10oz), ultra compact (6"x6" attached storage pouch) & stylish (giraffe print storage pouch), the Monkey Mat can be latched on to any purse, diaper bag, backpack, luggage, stroller/bike/cooler handle as an accessory to be with you EVERYwhere. Perfect for sporting events, concerts, picnics, airports, park, outdoor venues, hotels, fitness activities, beach, camping, travel, sun shelter, etc. No need for big bulky blankets or advance planning to have a clean surface with you, the Monkey Mat is perfect for life-on-the-go and can be with you ALWAYS!

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