Sippy Cup Spill Proof Lid Screw, Red/Blue

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Simplify your life and keep the mess in check. No need to pack bulky sippy cups when you can travel with our instant sippy cup adapters. NOTE: This kit contains 2 different lids. One lid will not work on the same bottle as the other. One smaller threaded lid One larger threaded lid. Turn store-bought juice, milk, and water bottles into an instant sippy cup on the go. No more worrying about spills in the car or on your carpets. Just remove the bottle cap, screw on the universal sippy cap, and enjoy spill free drinks with the easy hold Sippy n' A Jiffy! Our BPA free sippy cup adaptors are top rack dishwasher safe and fit easily into a diaper bag, purse, backpack, or even your pocket. Durable, fun colors, perfect for travel! Made in America with a money back guarantee. Here are a some of the many brands Sippy N-A Jiffy lids fit- there are many more than these: 1915 Organic Drinks - Aquafina Water - Beat It Drinks - Big B's Juice Drinks - Bundi Drinks - California Juices - Caribou Drinks - Cascade Ice Drinks - Glaceau Drinks - Columbia George Drinks - Core Power Drinks - Daily Greens Drinks - Dairy Gold Drinks - Eldorado Drinks - Eternal Drinks - Evolution Drinks - Fuji Drinks - Gatorade Drinks - Gold Peak Drinks - Golden Milk Products - Hawaiian Punch Drinks - Kirkland Drinks - Kroger Fortify Drinks - LaCroix Water Drinks - LALA Yogurt - Lipton Teas - Naked Drinks - Market Side Drinks - McDonald's Milks - Meadow Gold Drinks - Minute Maid Juices - Mott's Juices - Mountain Dairy - Neo Drinks - Nesquick Drinks - Nestea Teas - Nestle Drinks - Ocean Spray Juices - Odwalla Drinks - Pact Drinks - Powerade Drinks - Promised Land Drinks - Rebel Drinks - Refresh Ice Drinks - Smart Water Drinks - Special K Drinks - Sunny D Drinks - Tart Cherry Drink - Tropicana Drinks - Uncle Matt's Juices - V8 Splash Drinks - Vitamin Water Drinks - Wallaby Drinks - Welch's Fruit Drinks - Zico Drinks

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