Word Teasers Urban Legends Conversation Starter Card Game – Is it Fact or Urban Legend?

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Are you looking for a fun interactive card game that's perfect for friends and family of all ages? Gather a group of friends together to play the newest edition from the gang at Word Teasers - Urban Legends. The game is simple, take out a card, read the "urban legend" and then the first person to answer whether the statement is fact or urban legend wins the card. The person at the end of the game with the most cards is the winner. The nice thing about the game is that the cards offer some really unique urban legends that will have the participants smiling, chuckling, and talking about the topics. It's a great game for all ages. The truth behind the game is that it is so nice to have a game that everyone can play, and everyone can add their own ideas on why something is fact or just an urban legend. So tell us - eating carrots will improve your eyesight? Fact or urban legend? We've all heard this one - so which is it? You can see how the conversation can build around many of these cards.

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