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Hi, I am SHARKIE! Nice to meet you! I'm the BRAVEST of all the Dreamimals™.
I am a kids' shark pillow with a pocket to tuck in dream wishes. I help children get good sleep and develop the confidence to help spark good dreams.

With my friends Pinkie and Lamby, I help kids all around the world to have better dreams at night. Use my Dream Wish notes to write or draw your wishes and dreams,and when it's time for bed, I will be there to snuggle with you and hold on to your dream wish while you sleep.

All the Dreamimals™ have different, special ways to help kids enjoy and appreciate bedtime. My specialty is teaching kids to think positively. Positive thinking can be like a superpower. 

The Dreamimals™ Sharkie Set
Dreamimals™ Sharkie is available here on the website and the full set includes:
Dreamimals™ Sharkie, kids plush shark pillow made from All Natural 100% Cotton
60 Dream Pillow Blank Dream Wishes
Dimensions 13" x 8" x 3" 
Sharkie Story Book
Machine Wash & Dry
Use the blank pages of the Dream Wish notes to draw or write your wishes and dreams before bed so you can think about them as you fall asleep. 

While you're here, also check out our other Dreamimals™, Pinkie and Lamby. You can learn more about how the Dreamimals™ method can be helpful to parents as well.

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