Contender Brands KIC Start Card Game

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CREATIVE KIDS GAMES: Teaches kids the art of conversational curiosity (ask, answer, listen, and share); perfect for kids ages 6-16.
GREAT LEARNING GAMES: With 150 table games questions, you and your little ones will never run out of things to talk about! Motivate your kids to share their thoughts, feelings, and stories with our educational games and kids activities!
ON-THE-GO ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: Our compact indoor and outdoor games for kids are designed to make great travel games and camping games that get your kids talking.
UNIQUE KIDS GIFTS: Perfect party games for kids and gifts for kids! These playing cards are also great birthday gifts or funny gifts that encourage the best conversations with your children!
HOW-TO-PLAY: Who is the youngest player in the group? That person selects a card, reading it aloud, and then answers it – honestly! Complete the round by having everyone answer the same question. The person to the right draws the next card, and the game continues!

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