ALEX Craft Loopies – Butterfly

ALEX Craft Loopies – Butterfly

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Loopies is a fun way for kids to make their own cute little plush pal!

The stuffed doll has a mesh pocket over its front side. Fill the pocket with bright, thick yarn, then pull out loops using a crochet hook. Sew on an adorable face, wings and more to create a soft, kawaii-style pet! Great for kids who like to knit, crochet, sew or just collect stuffed animals.

Everything you need to make a Butterfly.

A stuffed doll with mesh pockets, tools and accessories are all included in the box.


Stuff the thick chunky yarn into the mesh pockets.

Pluck and stitch

Using a crochet hook, pluck the yarn through the mesh to create your pet’s fur. Then stitch on the accessory detail pieces to complete the project.

Show off your Butterfly wherever you go!

Loopies pets are small enough to take anywhere. Use it as a nap buddy, a travel companion and more. And the best part is when people ask where you got it you can say “I made it”!


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