ALEX Toys Artist Studio Car Valet

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Car Valet

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The ALEX® Car Valet is the perfect take-along activity kit for kids! It’s a great storage unit that attaches to the back of front car seats for easy access by young riders. The fold out desk is a great surface to color and draw on. It features two removable zippered pouches to store crayons, snacks and other travel necessities.

A suitcase with pouches for all your supplies and snacks plus a real working desk built right in!

Just strap to the back seat and keep your little one busy!
I Can Do It!
Kids will learn to be first class travelers with the Car Valet! Have them make a list of things to pack: Crayons? Check! Paper? Check! Small toys? Check! Your child will be able to prepare for any car trip, long or short. Once everything is in place, just zip up the case and you are ready to go! The Car Valet helps keep your young one occupied and entertained on car trips, which any parent knows is a must.

Fun on the Go!
The Car Valet stores it all! The two zippered pouches are a great size to fit crayons, markers and craft supplies. There are two built-in pouches to fit snacks and juice boxes for easy access. The space left over can fit a pad of paper or small books, and the adjustable work surface is a sturdy space for drawing and writing. With everything at your child's fingertips, the Car Valet will help keep the "Are we there yet?”‘s at bay.

Beep Beep!
The roomy case comes with a handle for toting items. It fits on the back side of the front seat for easy access by your little passenger. When not in use, fold the sturdy work surface to the upright position and zip closed to keep contents inside secure. When you finally arrive at your destination, remove the Car Valet from the seat and tote your belongings away!

What's In The Box?
Car Valet measures 14 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches and includes two removable zippered pouches, an adjustable work surface and a built-in frame on the front for a photo or drawing.

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