Banana Panda High Contrast Puzzles Match the Batch, 15M+

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Fun for a 15-month-old baby: to find the right piece and match the circles!

A two-piece contrasting puzzle is a great gift idea for a little explorer. They just look and think for a moment. Which circles match the plates and why? Large contrast puzzles have beautiful illustrations and lots of games can be created to develop the senses, small motor skills, and logical thinking.

The set contains 8 large puzzles and a guide for parents that is full of ideas for creative fun.

Product Features
  • Arranging and assembling puzzle pieces:
    • Helps children develop motor skills
    • Trains logical thinking and concentration
  • Extra-large puzzle pieces are made of high-quality, thick cardboard, perfect for little hands
  • The handy box with a practical, sturdy handle makes it a great gift
Product Specifications
  • Set contains:
    • 16 Pieces (8 large puzzles)
    • A guide for parents
  • Product dimensions: 16.5×19×5cm/6.5×7.75×2”

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