JL Childress BooBooZoo Monkey

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Make those minor boo-boos all better with our BooBooZoo First Aid Cool Packs. BooBooZoo First Aid Cool Packs are adorable, plush animal friends that hold a removable, flexible ice pack to quickly treat any minor bump or bruise. Even on bent legs, arms and sensitive foreheads, the flexible BooBooZoo conforms to your child’s skin, without the sting of direct contact from an icy cold ice pack. Our BooBooZoo gives children a cool, soothing ‘hug’ for their minor bumps and bruises in a way that becomes fun and comforting when they’re hurt and scared. Ellie the Elephant and Freezie the Penguin come to their rescue with a hug and a smile! You can keep the entire assembled BooBooZoo (ice pack and character) in the freezer for quick use when needed, or keep the ice pack in the freezer and plush character as a toy or ‘pouch’ for special treasures. Simply insert the frozen ice pack into the back of the plush and use when needed.

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