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Caddycan® is a soft sided receptacle originally designed to store trash while you recreation.  In today's climate we feel it's critical to leave the environment in tact once we're done enjoying it.  Caddycan® has a patented technology and design that properly secures trash and/or other goods allowing the content to be discarded/removed in an appropriate location.  Its retractable insert assures the user their trash/goods are secure.  Once full and when ready…simply unzip the lid and empty. There are no tools to mount and equipped with industrial velcro strapping mechanism which attaches to a stable base of the user’s choice where ever they are.  In addition, it has a practical and adjustable carrying strap for convenience and other optional attachments as well.  Its weather resistant heavy duty denier design makes it ideal for outdoor uses such as camping, boating, hunting, golfing, name it!  Caddycan® floats, can also free stand and collapsible for easy storage

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