Eco Kids Holiday Eco-Dough 2-pack

Eco Kids Holiday Eco-Dough 2-pack

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eco-dough is an original in the natural dough market and was first introduced at the Hollywood Farmers Market in 2008. Exploratory molding dough made with non GMO flour. This dough is made with wheat flour and contains gluten. Holiday 2-pack includes one jar of red and one jar of green eco-dough.

About eco-kids:
Meet Cammie, Kip & their kids Jack, Maggie and Gus. They started eco-kids, a family run business that produces all natural art supplies. It began simply, as all good things do, with the molding dough recipe Cammie's mom made for her as a child. After incorporating natural ingredients into the recipe, the dough was transformed into eco-dough, rich in color, soft in texture, with a delicate aroma like no other. In 2008 Cammie and Kip began selling it at farmers markets. From there, Eco-kids evolved. This woman owned business lives by the mantra — creative play the natural way. Products are developed with this belief in mind.

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