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Given a few minutes with Dado Squares, they become parking garages for matchbox cars, fences for animals, angular hats, and space rockets. Designs are improvised and revised.

Every step along the way, the concentration in your child's eyes builds. Take note! This is the most impressive feature of Dado Squares - the imagination, reasoning, and visual skills that show up in playtime.

At last - the masterwork is finished! Then come genuine smiles and beckons to "Look!" - at a small person, beaming with pride, over effort well spent.

Dado Squares

  Inspiring complex thought through simple design

  Facilitates unlimited imaginations, problem-solving growth

  Explore architectural principles -proportion, balance, structure, color

  A perfect fit for child hands - generous size, easy to connect

  35 three-inch interlocking squares within each set!

  Made of durable, heavy-duty food grade plastic

  Developed & manufactured in the USA!

  Also discover Dado Cubes! (sold separately)

Dado Squares and Visual Spatial Learning
Visual Spatial Learning has captured the attention of scientists and educators as being highly valuable in child development. Visual Spatial Play refers to the ability to mentally picture things and is characterized by the ability to appreciate patterns & form in very large or small areas of space. Children with profuse Visual Spatial Intelligence can construct three-dimensional mental images and visualize them from multiple perspectives. A keen eye for form, design, color, size, shape and space enables these gifted children to create realistic representations of real world images.

Dado Squares are Simple...Simple Design that Inspires Complex Thought
In Tom West's book, In the Mind's Eye, he suggests that in the 21st Century, strong visual skills will be crucial elements to success: "Ready recognition of larger patterns, intuition, a sense of proportion, imaginative vision, the original and unexpected approach, and the apt connection between apparently unrelated things...". Through Dado's simple shapes and intuitive system of construction, people of all ages find Dado engaging.

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