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JL Childress Food 'N Fun Toddler Tray

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Parenting 101: food + toys = happy kid (well…most of the time). Our Food ‘N Fun Stroller Snack Tray is the perfect accessory to help you get this equation right every time. The Snack Tray securely attaches to your stroller’s front bar with heavy-duty, non-slip material and features three deep pockets and an expandable mesh pocket that allows your child to easily reach whatever will make them smile. Made with sturdy, high-density foam, it has rigidity and structure to avoid sagging. There’s a genius no-throw strap in the middle pocket that attaches to cup handles to prevent throwing (Hallelujah!). The Food ‘N Fun Stroller Snack Tray also has 4 loops and an elastic strap on the child-facing panel for attaching toys, cuddle buddies & blankets. It’s like having a play room on-the-go!

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