Gigglespots Entertain Your Baby's Brain

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These small circles lead to wide-eyed babies. The high-contrast black and white spots are designed to entertain your babyÕs growing brain! Perfect for developing vision, these 3.5 inch circles are conveniently sized to slip into your pocket, diaper bag or purse. Hook-and-loop dots are included in each package of Gigglespots along with a small strip of loop-tape. They will stick to just about anything fuzzy once the dots are applied. Using the loop-tape, spots can be attached next to car seat, stroller, changing table, or just about anywhere! Gigglespots can be hung on clip-style photo mobiles and are a great way to keep your baby engaged while at the changing table. As baby grows, the spots make tummy time engaging. Spots are printed on water-resistant cardstock that is durable and easy to clean. Use Gigglespots with adult supervision, as they are not intended as a teething toy.

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