Glo Pals Green Sensory Development Light Up Cubes - Set of 4

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Glo Pals will absolutely light up your kids life! These small, magic cubes light up when they touch water. Use them in the bathtub or for spectacular water play. Wherever they are used they will instantly bring a smile to the little hands enjoying them. Each Glo Pal has a face on it, and will project that smiling face on the surroundings of the tub. These liquid-activated cubes are sure to make bathtime a fun, happy experience for everyone. Children will easily learn cause and effect because as soon as the Glo Pal is out of the water the light goes off. You never need to worry about forgetting to turn them off. Simply remove them from the water and they turn off.  The battery life for the Glo Pals are 8 hours– your little one will have loads of fun with them before they need a battery change.

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