Lowercase Toys Interlocking Blocks - Architectural Set

Lowercase Toys Interlocking Blocks - Architectural Set

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Lightweight and sturdy, these innovative connecting blocks encourage creative problem-solving along multiple mathematical planes. Made from felt out of recycled water bottles, our interlocking blocks foster creative problem-solving and collaborative play. Truly an open-ended building toy; this 92-piece set is sized for in-depth and extravagant builds. Easily shareable, our Architectural Set easily supports the wildest imaginations. Contains 92 assorted interlocking felt blocks: 6 large blocks, 6 large half-blocks, 2 large arches, 12 medium blocks, 8 medium half blocks, 2 domed blocks, 44 small blocks and 12 round joiners. For ages: 3+ years.

About Lowercase Toys: Designed for play by a Speech Language Pathologist, Lowercase Toys are open-ended learning toys engineered to support the work of childhood. Each toy offers opportunity for a range of skill building possibilities, collaborative play, and exploration. Committed to sustainable practices, Lowercase Toys has eliminated first- and single-use plastic from our products and packaging.

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