Milkmakers It's a Mix, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, 1 Bag of Mix (makes 12 cookies)

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The added MILK BOOST that you can bake at home - It's a Mix! Low milk supply is the top reason moms stop breastfeeding before they want to. So how can we remedy low milk supply? With our favorite lactation remedy - eat a delicious lactation cookie today - and every day! They're delicious, nutritious, and they give moms the MILK BOOST. Sometimes one simple thing can make a world of difference to a busy mom. This mix can make 12 cookies! To bake dairy-free lactation cookies, just add coconut oil or butter substitute to the mix of oats, brewers yeast and flax seed. The recipe uses natural galactagogues, which means that they help promote an abundant supply of breastmilk. If you're in need of a breastmilk boost, try eating one to two delicious lactation cookies every day. While every woman's body is different, most moms notice an increase in their milk supply after a few days.

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