Mud Pie Girl Ocean Bath Stickable Bathtime Fun

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The Girl Ocean Bath Stickable offer a vibrant and enjoyable way to enhance bath time! These toys are specially designed for the bathtub and can be effortlessly stuck to the walls or tub. With adorable ocean creatures such as fish, dolphins, and seahorses, children can create their own underwater world and unleash their imagination while playing with these stickable during their bath. Crafted from safe and non-toxic materials, these stickable are suitable for kids of all ages. Transform bath time into a delightful splash with the Girl Ocean Bath Stickable!

Features You'll Love

  • Vibrant and enjoyable bath time toys
  • Effortlessly stickable to walls or tub
  • Adorable ocean creatures for creating underwater world
  • Safe and non-toxic materials suitable for all ages

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