Mythical Slyme Mini Fantastic Creatures Putty Set - Glow in The Dark Glitter Slime for Kids, Set of 6

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Unicorns don't have all the fun...

Hippogriffs, basilisks, newts, and werewolves are also getting in on the slyme game.

Best of all? Thee glow in the dark!


It's not like homemade slime. It’s far more… magical than that. Imagine a substance that’s satisfying and stretchy with a pliant, relaxing texture… and never dries out or gets too sticky. Sounds like some witchcraft ‘cause it is.


Perfect as favors for birthday parties, goodie bags, premium giveaways, occupational therapy toys, hand therapy, stress putty, hand putty, noise putty, regaining hand strength, coworkers, and unicorns gifts for girls (or boys, or unicorns, or whoever). It’s the best silly surprise of magic putty for the putty/slime/unicorn/humor lover in your life.

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