PlanToys Jungle Height Growth Chart

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PLAYFUL DESIGN: Growing up can be fun! Measure your child's height and watch them grow alongside colorful jungle animals. Animal measuring clips can be used to mark your little one's growth. Differentiate one child's height from another's by writing names on the bird measuring clips.

ACCURATE MEASUREMENT: Measuring heights 40 to 160 centimeters an attached rope at the top of the chart makes it easy to hang the chart on a wall for decoration and use. Hang the chart 40 centimeters off of the floor for accurate measurement.

SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Children can develop social communication and mathematical skills as they learn to measure height and growth with siblings and companions. Introduce them to the different jungle animals and learn about each one's habitat diet and way of life during free time.

INCLUDES: A hangable jungle animal chart includes 4 animal measuring clips and an attached rope for easy hanging. Suitable for children 12 months and older.

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