Pura Scents Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan (Disney)

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Travel down the frozen river of memory to Ahtohallan with this scent. A bright top of chilled sparkling lemon, blackberry nectar, and citrus zest evoke favorite movie moments such as when Elsa and Nokk charge through icy waters. Frozen vanilla, creamy blonde woods, and gentle iris bring the sweet, comforting feeling that true love conquers all.

Top: iced lemon, orange slices, blackberry nectar
Middle: iris petals, blackcurrant buds, timut pepper
Bottom: olibanum, cosmone®, blonde woods, frozen vanilla

Invigorating. Citrus. Tenacious.

“This fragrance was inspired by Elsa and the Water Nokk’s adventurous expedition. Wanting to replicate the icy, otherworldly feel of their journey through the frozen river of memory, I used cosmone® as one of the soft-as-snow musks. Refreshing iced lemon gives the fragrance an energy boost, replicating the invigorating feeling of charging through the sea. Frosted vanilla and the delicate floralcy of iris bring soft femininity to the fragrance, symbolizing how true love was the only thing that could stop the eternal winter.”
—Stephen Nilsen, Scent Designer

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