Pura Encanto Casita Floral (Disney)

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Bring the enchantment of magical Encanto to your home with sparkling mandarin, lily of the valley, soft jasmine, and glowing amber.

Top: mandarin oil orpur®, juicy blackcurrant, wild raspberry
Middle: jasmine orpur®, lily of the valley, violet light
Bottom: benzoin Laos orpur®, patchouli oil Indonesia orpur®, sandalwood, glowing amber

Colorful. Magical. Cozy.

“This fragrance was inspired by the Day of the Little Candles, the traditional holiday in Colombia that commemorates the miraculous conception of the Virgin Mary. To celebrate, people all around Colombia light colorful candles and place them on sidewalks, balconies, and windowsills. Wanting to capture the excitement of this festive day, I used notes of sparkling mandarin, juicy blackcurrant, and wild raspberry. To capture the magic of the twinkling lights at night, I paired white florals like jasmine and lily of the valley with glowing amber.”
—Adriana Medina, Perfumer

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