Pura Scents Disney Set Starter Set

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This set includes two of Disney’s signature scents, Jasmine Royal Amber and Moana Horizon Dream, and a Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser.

Jasmine Royal Amber
Top: bergamot, mandarin oil italy orpur, violet leaf
Middle: exotic orchid, desert plum, jasmine, tuberose absolute india orpur
Bottom: cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, cashmere musk

Moana Horizon Dream
Top: ocean mist accord, yellow pineapple
Middle: passionflower, pink peony, mango, papaya
Bottom: sandalwood, glowing amber


Diffuser + Jasmine + Moana

This enchanted bundle includes two of our favorite Disney princess scents, taking you on a magical adventure filled with whimsy and fun as you open your space to the possibilities of endless imagination and beautiful aromas.

Jasmine Royal Amber
Jasmine Royal Amber is filled with the alluring aroma of sweet bergamot, exotic orchid, jasmine, and a subtle cashmere musk.

Moana Horizon Dream
Moana Horizon Dream is an oceanic, floral fragrance filled with yellow pineapple, fresh mango, and a swirling combination of pink peony and glowing amber.

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