Pura Scents Mulan Magnolia Flower (Disney)

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Discover strength and courage unbridled with a sweet fragrance created from notes of sparkling bergamot, delicate magnolia petals, vanillic white amber, and airy musk.

Top: fresh air accord, sparkling bergamot, green cardamom
Middle: ogasawara bouquet, peony, magnolia petals
Bottom: white amber, airy musk, hinoki wood

Tranquil. Comforting. Reflective.

Return to a place of peace and familiarity with Mulan as she arrives home after an incredible journey. She enters the garden where her father sits beneath the magnolia tree, gazing up into its branches. The tart yet sweet scent of the blossoms combine with that of the adjacent peonies and bergamot trees. She reaches her father, and immediately he sweeps her into a firm embrace. As she breathes in his familiar scent of airy musk and vanillic white amber, she realizes she’s home.

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