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This set includes four of some of Pura’s favorite scents, Linens & Surf, Yuzu Citron, Amber Oud, and Simply Lavender, and a Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser.

Linens & Surf
Top: bergamot, sea spray, ozonic
Middle: pear, passionfruit, orange flower
Bottom: sandalwood, coconut, creamy jasmine

Yuzu Citron
Top: citrus, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, apple, rhubarb
Middle: peach blossom, goji, muguet, Egyptian jasmine, rose petals
Bottom: sheer musk, woody, white cedar

Amber Oud
Top: coconut, apple, mint
Middle: muguet, jasmine
Bottom: amber, sandalwood, brown sugar

Simply Lavender
Top: herbal, lavender, eucalyptus, green
Middle: pine, floral, muguet, rose, spicy, clove
Bottom: animalic, musk, woody, amber, balsamic, hay


Diffuser + Linens & Surf + Yuzu Citron + Amber Oud + Simply Lavender

We can’t let you forget about some of our original Pura scents, that might still be some of your favorites! Grab this group of fragrances to keep it classic and fill your diffuser with a few endearing scents that started it all.

Linens & Surf
Freshly laundered fine linens radiate lush white rose petals and creamy coconut with splashes of refreshing sea spray.

Yuzu Citron
Energizing Japanese yuzu citrus, mixed fruits, and a colorful blend of florals create a scent with a refreshing citrus punch.

Amber Oud
Warm, golden amber and a blend of fresh fruits, mint, and jasmine combine to create an exotic, alluring scent.

Simply Lavender
This scent fills a space with the rejuvenating aroma of lavender from Provence blended with essences of eucalyptus and pine.

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