Schylling Tonka Fire Rescue Truck

Schylling Tonka Fire Rescue Truck

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Get ready for firefighter duty and race to the rescue with the Tonka® Steel Classics Fire Rescue Truck! Packed with realistic details and bright red coloring, kids will feel like They’re playing with a real fire rescue truck as they rush to their next imaginary adventure. And with fun features like the removable ladder, your little first responders will be ready for action!

Made With Cold-rolled Steel

Tackle even the toughest emergencies with confidence with the Tonka Fire Rescue Truck. Made with COLD-ROLLED STEEL, this truck is ready to handle any task as aspiring firefighters imagine racing to the aid of those in need.

Removable Ladder

Tall buildings? Towering trees? No rescue is out of reach with the Tonka Fire Rescue Truck and its removable ladder! Unhook the ladder from the side of the truck and use to reach your rescue destination.

Great For Ages 3+

Tonka Tough For 75+ Years

From one generation to the next, TONKA has inspired playtime that carries meaning, creates memories, and is built to withstand the toughest of play.

  • This large toy truck is 14? long and make Tonka® Tough with cold-rolled steel on cab and back of truck top
  • Removable ladder
  • Brightly colored decals and realistic details
  • Tonka Steel Classics Fire Rescue Truck is great for age 3+
  • Tonka Tough for 75+ years, inspiring playtime fun
  • Ready to tackle any rescue job indoors or outdoors!


Weight   2.4 lbs
Dimensions   7.6 × 14.2 × 7.5 in
Ages   3+

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