tonie - Disney Beauty and the Beast

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A spell is cast turning a rude, young prince into a beast until he learns to love and show kindness. Meanwhile, a brave, independent village girl named Belle loves to read books and is daydreaming of a life filled with excitement. When Belle’s father Maurice goes missing, she sets out to save him only to discover the Beast has imprisoned him in his enchanted castle. Will Belle save her father and teach the Beast how to love, and be loved in return? Listen to find out and sing along to favorite songs from the Disney animated film!

This Tonie teaches kids about: 

  • Kindness
  • Friendship
  • Loyalty
  • Determination

Narrated by Roy Dotrice

© Disney


1. Belle 🎵

2. Gaston 🎵

3. Be Our Guest 🎵

4. Something There 🎵

5. Beauty and the Beast 🎵


6. Beauty and the Beast

Total Run Time: 35 minutes

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